Hiding the Environment Pane and keeping it hidden

I never look at the Environment Pane.
But with some older code it takes quite a long time to refresh.
I have tried to hide it in the Pane Layout Options section. And asked for Manual Refresh only.
But it keeps coming back.
Any tips? I am on the latest version of RStudio
2022.12.0+353 "Elsbeth Geranium" Release (7d165dcfc1b6d300eb247738db2c7076234f6ef0, 2022-12-03) for Windows
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) RStudio/2022.12.0+353 Chrome/102.0.5005.167 Electron/19.1.3 Safari/537.36

I suppose if you identified a bug in how the manual refresh and hidden pane layouts dont stick, best venue to chase that is the rstudio github.

Here a potential work around you could try to adopt in case of your older code; if you wrap it in a function with some additional code at the start and end; you can call it as a function and return an environment; as the global environment isnt being touched you might avoid the performance pitfalls ?

my_old_code <- function(){
#custom beginning 
  return_env <- new.env()
#some `old` code
iris2 <- head(iris) |> mutate(across(where(is.numeric),\(x)x*2))

# custom ending
items_to_return <- setdiff(ls(all.names = TRUE),"return_env")
            assign(x = name_,
                   value = get(name_),
                   envir = return_env)})

my_results <- my_old_code()




Thanks. I'll spend some time identifying what triggers the environment display to return

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