Hiding Credentials


I am currently publishing my passwords in my code to connect to my database in work
. The code looks a little bit like the below

myconn <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), "Database_Prod", timeout = 15, uid = 'jsmith', pwd = 'foo')

I would like to publish my code to our internal GitHub but do not want to fall into the mistake of publishing my credentials by accident. I would also like to put my script on a schedule so that I can just let it run without any interference from me.

I have seen the post about the package keyring but it looks from my playing around with it that it prompts you for your password which would mean i wouldn't be able to schedule my work. I could i suppose save all my credentials in a config.R script and then source it but then the credentials are still in open text on my PC

Has anyone come across this problem before?

Thank you for your time

Perhaps the encryptr is an option to add some security to config.R. Uses public and private keys to en/decrypt data. Strongly recommend making a back-up before playing around with the package.

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This package accesses the system credentials:
CRAN - Package keyring (r-project.org)

MIT Kerberos may also be an option for you.

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Thanks @martin.R, the key point seems to be

Setting a secret from a script, i.e. non-interactively: key_set_with_value()

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