Hide plots in plotly subplot if empty


I am looking for an easy way how to hide plot_ly graph inside subplot() if it is empty - meaning the plot_ly() function has been called on an empty dataframe. The intended usage is when some filtering inside shiny app returns an empty dataframe. I don't need an error message, I'd rather prefer for the missing plot to not be displayed.

t1 = 
  tibble(x = rnorm(30),
         d = seq(today() - 29, today(), 
                 by = "1 day"))

t2 = 
  tibble(x = rnorm(30),
         d = seq(today() - 29, today(), 
                 by = "1 day")) %>%  
  filter(d > today()) # you apply some filter in shiny that results in an empty dataset

p1 = 
  t1 %>% 
  plot_ly(x = ~d, y = ~x)

p2 = 
  t2 %>% 
  plot_ly(x = ~d, y = ~x)
subplot(p1, p2, shareX = T)

I tried testing for an empty dataset using nrow() and needs(). But it always returns NULL objects which crashes subplot() with an error.


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