Hi Team I am From IT support R studio makes system slow

Hi Team,

Greetings One of my User facing the slowness issue in R studio , We have updated to latest version , what could be the problem and how we can rectify this.

Ajith S V

Your question right now is extremely broad. There are myriad of reasons why something like this can happen. Can you please include the details about what is the environment you use RStudio in (OS, RStudio version, any difference between the setup of this user and other users who don't face this problem)? This would help diagnose a problem faster.

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Hi Team,

Thank you for your prompt response , We have OS Windows 10, 64 bit ,RStudio is latest Available version.Same setup is using by other users are working fine.As a part of trouble shooting the system performance i had put a note here.While running the application it takes almost full like 97% of CPU usage.

If you require more loggs or somthing i can provide it later as I am out of work now.One more thing any specific version available particularly for Windows 64 bit version which can perform better.



It sounds like this question belongs in the RStudio IDE category? You might consider moving it over there to increase your chances of getting attention from people who can help.

Note: I do not work for RStudio! Just a friendly community member :smile: