Hi, I'm have a problem about the script below, please help.

Hi, I'm have a problem about the script below, please help.

panel(shape_data, names=TRUE, fac='type'palette=col_spring, names=TRUE)

What is the problem you see?
Where does the panel() function come from? It is not a function in base R
What is the object shape_data? Can you post that or a subset of it? See

FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners - meta / Guides & FAQs - RStudio Community

I am trying to analyze my research data on the geometric morphometrics of Pitcher plants.

iam attached my script below.

Install and load required R packages:

1#Install Momocs Package

Image Data Processing:
2#Import Images (black-and-white) from Folder
shape_1 <- list.files('D:/Folder Name', full.names=TRUE)
outline_shape_1<- import_jpg (shape_1)
shape_data<- Out(outline_shape_1)

3#Show the shape’s data (Visualize dataset)
panel(shape_data, names=TRUE, fac='type'palette=col_spring, names=TRUE)

Two problems with your call to panel() is that there needs to be a comma between 'type" and palette and the names argument appears twice. Try

panel(shape_data, names=TRUE, fac='type', palette=col_spring)

It works, thank you very much.

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