Hi I’m new to R and I’m working on a case study. I need help with this . The error I get is Error in FUN(x[[i]], …) : object ‘rideable_type’ not found

all_trips_v2 %>%
mutate(weekday =wday(started_at, label=TRUE)) %>%
group_by(member_casual, month) %>%
summarise(number_of_rides = n(), average_duration = mean(ride_length)) %>%
arrange(member_casual, month)) %>%
ggplot(aes(x= member_casual, y= number_of_rides, fill= rideable_type)) + geom_col(position= “dodge”)

your code relies upon the presence of rideable_type as a field within the data.frame passed into ggplot() but the presence of the error message implies that this is not the case.
My assumption is that when you summarise() you result in a summarised data.frame with only the grouping variables (member_casual,month) and the two variables you define (number_of_rides, average_duration), and rideable_type is not among this set of 4 variables

Thank you so much. I got it fixed.

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