Hexmake - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Colin Fay
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: An application to build your own hex sticker. Allows to customise name, font, colours, to manipulate the image, to export the hex and to save it in an open hex database.

Full Description: Category: just for fun

This app allows the user to build its own hex stickers.

On top of being a fun application, it is interesting in several levels when it comes to the technical implementations.

  1. {hexmake} comes with a series of tools built on top of {magick} that allow to modify your image. An image that you can upload to the app

  1. {hexmake} comes with its own file format, .hex, that you can export and reupload if you need to work again on your hex, or share privately with someone else

  1. {hexmake} is plugged into a mongo db where everybody can save its own hex, making it possible to share hex template worldwide.

  1. To simplify use first experience, {hexmake} comes with a guided tour, built on top of {cicerone}.

  1. This app can also be installed as a package, and you can plug your own mongo db to it (or not use it at all, which is the default behavior.
Sys.setenv("MONGOPORT" = 27017)
Sys.setenv("MONGOURL" : "")
Sys.setenv("MONGODB" = "hex")
Sys.setenv("MONGOCOLLECTION" = "make")
hexmake::run_app(with_mongo = TRUE)

Category: Other
Keywords: hex, image manipulation, just for fun
Shiny app: hexmake
Repo: GitHub - ColinFay/hexmake: A Shiny App for Making Hex Stickers.
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


Full image:


Very nice! Might create a hex sticker for a future project using this!