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Hi guys,

Although some might consider it a basic question (sorry), I am trying to include the CI for the mean in Table1 but not sucessfullly. Can anyone help, by letting me know if: 1) it can be done 2)if so, how? Appreciated for any help!

Dataset available at: UCI Machine Learning Repository

table1:: table1(~ Age + + First.sexual.intercourse + Num.of.pregnancies + Smokes..years. + Smokes..packs.year. + Hormonal.Contraceptives..years. + IUD..years. + STDs..number. + STDs..Number.of.diagnosis + STDs..Time.since.first.diagnosis + STDs..Time.since.last.diagnosis,
render.continuous=c(.="n", .="Mean (SD)", .="Median [Min, Max]","IQR [Q1,Q2,Q3]"="IQR (q25,q50,q75)"),
footnote = "IUD: Intrauterine Device; SD: standard deviation; STD: Sexually Transmitted Diseases",
caption = "Table I - Dataset descriptive statistics.")

It looks like this

but simply wanted to include a "line" below Mean (or replacing SD, doesn't matter) to include the 95%CI for the mean (using a simple one-sample t-test) .

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