Help with Shiny for a project (no experience before)

Hello everyone,
I am a computer science student.

I have a project due in a few weeks. It is a text resource annotation application. This application takes the data from a Rest API (DBpedia Spotlight), but I must add more data using SPARQL queries. This is the Back-End part of the application and I know how I have to do it since I have experience doing similar things.

The problem is that the application must be done in R (using Shiny). But I have no experience in Front-End and less using R (so far I have never programmed in R). I only know how to make graphical interfaces using NetBeans. I'm looking at tutorials on the internet on how to use Shiny, but I'm pretty lost right now.

I was writing in case someone who has experience with R could help me with the graphical interface.

The aim is to make a graphical interface that is similar to that of DBpedia Spotlight but without the 'n-best candidates' checkbox. In addition, the words will have 2 associated resources instead of 1, so for each word a drop-down containing 2 hyperlinks must be opened.

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