Help with scraping forum posts using rvest

Hello! I am trying to scrape all the posts in a forum website while referring to earlier examples found in this community!

However, I get error messages in the last bit, saying:

  1. Error in mutate(): In argument: messages = map(thread_links, scrape_messages).
    Caused by error in map(): In index: 1.
  2. Caused by error:
    ! './viewforum.php?f=84&sid=616e59608b95e1467d15352e8a3ffe77' does not exist in current working directory.

Could someone please enlighten me as to what went wrong? Thank you much!! :slight_smile:

#install packages
# Scrape thread titles, thread links, authors and number of views
h <- read_html("")

threads <- h %>%
  html_nodes("#page-body .list-inner a") %>%

thread_links <- h %>%
  html_nodes("#page-body .list-inner a") %>%
  html_attr(name = "href")
# Custom function to scrape messages in each thread
scrape_messages <- function(thread_link){
  read_html(thread_link) %>%
    html_nodes(css = ".content") %>%
    html_text() %>%
# Create master dataset (and scrape messages in each thread in process)
master_data <- 
  tibble(threads, thread_links) %>%
  mutate(messages = map(thread_links, scrape_messages)) %>%
  select(threads, messages, thread_links)

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