Help with Rstudio.

I am a beginner. The commands I am typing in new file script such as install package or library etc are NOT autocompleting. The commands ONLY work if i type directly in R window. What am i doing wrong?

Welcome the community. Sorry if this is too obvious but did you do File -> New -> R Script? If you create a text file for example, you won't get autocomplete. Just the best guess I could come up with...

I am not sure if your problem is that autocomplete is not working or that the commands will not run at all.

If you type the three letters lib does a menu of possible completions appear? That is what I would call autocomplete.

If you type the following command in the code pane


and then, with the cursor still on that line, type CTRL + Enter (that is holding the CTRL key down while pressing Enter) does the command execute?

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