help with RStudio waiting forever on commit to git(hub)

Trying to setup RStudio in a Windows 10 machine to version control a project using git(hub) and got stuck. I've done this a long time ago in my old machine and worked smoothly, but now I can't find what is wrong.

I've looked around and double-check all the issues/solutions I found, including weird issues with file names and special characters. I've gone carefully through happygitwithr, but can't find a solution, so I try here to see if someone helps me diagnose the problem and find a solution.

I've set up this:

  1. Install Git for Windows, set global username and email address.
  2. Enable Git Support in RStudio Global Options, and created ssh rsa key. (I am currently using RStudio v1.2.1060-2 Preview.)
  3. Configure the ssh key in github.

I originally was trying to add git version control to an existing project, but then I decided to go for the simplest case just to make sure everything works.

  1. I created a simple github repository (testgit), initializing it with readme.
  2. The, in RStudio did New Project -> Check out project from version control repository -> and cloned git repository using URL

At this point, everything works. RStudio pulls the files from github and everything fine.

  1. Then open and edit the

And still ok. As expected, the file appears now as modified in the Git pane.

  1. Then mark the as staged and click on commit.

And here I am stuck. The Review Changes window opens and stays there showing the waiting/loading gif forever in the changes pane. Nothing happens. Nothing shows in any pane. I write a commit message and hit commit and nothing happens.

If I do the commit and push request using pure git in the command line, it works fine, but I can't get it working through RStudio.

Any ideas?

Hmm, there was a report of a similar sounding issue here:

But it was supposedly resolved with the release of (I think) the version you are running:

To try to distinguish whether this is a problem with your setup or a lingering 1.2 bug, you could try installing the current regular stable release (1.1.456).


Many thanks. Yeah, it seems to be the same issue. I reverted to the stable release and everything works. So it must be a bug in 1.2 (I think the fix has not been released, but hopefully soon will be out).

Apologies I did not try reverting to the stable version before posting. But somehow I thought git support would not be affected with the release. And I usually use the latest preview version and it is normally pretty stable.

Thanks again.