Help with post hoc for permutation ANOVA


I did a permutation ANOVA since my assumption for homogeneity failed and for the normal output it works fine I just can't find a way to get a post hoc test. I looked online and found a long "how to "guide that did it by bootstrapping ((Bootstraping) Follow-Up Contrasts for Within-Subject ANOVAs | R-bloggers)

I know that the usual emmeans package wouldn't work so I was wondering if there is a different package to do a post hoc test or if I need to use the bootstrapping method.

Has anyone experience with this or the permuco package? Thank you!

Here is how I did the permutation ANOVA

# permutation anova
fit_p_1 <-
  aovperm(physical_aggression ~ Gender * groups , data = numbers)
fit_p_2 <-
  aovperm(verbal_aggression ~ Gender * groups , data = numbers)
fit_p_3 <-
  aovperm(weapon_play ~ Gender * groups , data = numbers)


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