Help with Plotting ARIMA Forecasting Graph

I have separate two categories of sales data from a data set, and completed an arima forecasting on both:

X <- ts(data[,5],start=c(2017,3),frequency = 52) # CBAC Data
CBAC_arima <- auto.arima(X,d=1,D=1,stepwise =FALSE, approximation =FALSE,trace =FALSE)
CBAC_fcst <- forecast(CBAC_arima, h=35

However, when I plot these they both show slightly different and don't really represent the trend of the sales data, I have plotted the graphs as follows,


This graphs shows no positive incline or trend, and looks as if the amount is decreasing, when the sales numbers have been growing exponentially. Is this indicative of the arima plot, or have I made a mistake in the coding?

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