Help with MANOVA with survey data

Hi everyone,

I'm doing my dissertation, and I could really use some input from the community. I am not naturally good at stats-related things at all, and while I've looked up multiple help-pages on this, I'm struggling.

I have given 4 surveys to my participants: one demographic survey, and 3 surveys with my dependent variables (each of the 3 surveys is 1 dependent variable for 3 DV total). It was suggested to me to have 2 IVs per demographic question and thus perform multiple MANOVAS (basically, repeat offender vs. non-repeat offender for demographic question 1, income above 50000 or below 50000 for demographic question 2, etc.)

I saw a thread that said to do something to the effect of
dep_vars <- cbind(df$height, df$canopy_vol)

But in my dataset, I have entered each question from each survey into different columns (i.e., Q1 is one column, Q2 is the second column) so I have many columns despite having 3 dependent variables only. I'm not sure how to rope all of the questions for each survey into one of the dependent variables. Do I just need a different data set up? Any help is appreciated.

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