Help with instaling rmarkdown


I am trying to install rmarkdown for the first time but it keeps coming up with the below error message. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!!

** Installing R Package Dependencies for R Markdown: 'rmarkdown', 'rprojroot'

[1/2] Installing rmarkdown...

trying URL ''
Content type 'application/zip' length 3644562 bytes (3.5 MB)

downloaded 3.5 MB

package 'rmarkdown' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
Error in unpackPkgZip(foundpkgs[okp, 2L], foundpkgs[okp, 1L], lib, libs_only, :
ERROR: failed to lock directory '\HTDC01\FolderRedirections\Liane\My Documents\R\R-4.0.3\library' for modifying
Try removing '\HTDC01\FolderRedirections\Liane\My Documents\R\R-4.0.3\library/00LOCK'
Calls: sourceWithProgress ... eval -> -> .install.winbinary -> unpackPkgZip
Execution halted

This can happen when a prior installation is aborted early.
you can use your operating system to go to the location listed in the error message, and remove the 00LOCK file.

Then go back to R and try the install again.

Thanks for your reply. How do I do that?

if you are on windows you go to the folder the way you would go to any folder, by browsing in the file explorer ?
I suppose you could also use the windows search to search the drive for 00LOCK

I deleted the 00lock file and it worked. Thank you so much!!!


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