Help with ggplot2 using data from 3 columns

Hi all
I am trying to make a scatter/ line plot of data from 3 columns arranged like this.

ID      Time     Obs
1       0.5        2
1       1         20
1       1.5       40
2       0.5        1
2       1          5
2       1.5        7

The data has 28 Sample IDs in the "ID" column and each ID has 314 data points. I want to plot 28 line plots in the same graph with Time as the X axis and Obs as the Y- axis.
The following code has worked for me previously for small data sets

ggplot(data, aes(x = Time , y = Obs, color = ID, group = ID) +

but does not work now. It gives the following error
Error: Cannot add ggproto objects together. Did you forget to add this object to a ggplot object?

Is there any way I can plot this graph without rearranging the data ? Thanks so much

You are missing a parenthesis after group = ID)

ggplot(data, aes(x = Time , y = Obs, color = ID, group = ID)) +

Thanks, it was not the parenthesis, I got it though

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