Help with ggplot scatterplot

This happens when I try create a scatterplot, any help please?

It looks like your y axis values are text instead of numbers. If your data frame is named DF, you can check the data type of the columns with the output of


If you post a little of your data and your ggplot code, someone can give you more specific guidance. To post some data, post the output of

dput(head(DF, 10))

That assumes that your data frame is named DF.

Ah that is the problem!! Thankyou very much, I had a closer look at the data and some of the numbers are 21K as oppose to 21,000 so therefore it must be labelling all the data individually as you said, I'll get cracking on that, Thanks!

So the problem is that R thinks those numbers are names/characters and not numbers, Thanks!

Did it! Thanks again

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