help with filtering display

I need help plotting separate graphs for control, HI NIV WT, H5 NIV- and another graph with control H3 DON WT, H13 DON- and H14 DON-.
the scripts below gives me all the treatments on one graph but i need to separate the DON groups from NIV groups.

Fg.Mini.out<-filter(Fg, CULTIVAR == "MINIMAIZE"& DSout>=0 )
Fg.Mini.out$ISOLATE<- factor(Fg.Mini.out$ISOLATE,labels = c("CONTROL", "H1 NIV WT", "H5 NIV-", "H6 NIV-","H3 DON WT","H13 DON-","H14 DON-"))
plot.Mini.out<- ggplot(Fg.Mini.out, aes(x=ISOLATE, y=DSout)) +
geom_boxplot(fill = c("white","steelblue4","steelblue1","steelblue1","red3","tomato1","tomato1"), show.legend = FALSE)+
geom_jitter(position=position_jitter(width=.1, height=0))+
theme_bw() +
theme(panel.border = element_blank(), panel.grid.major = element_blank(),
panel.grid.minor = element_blank(), axis.line = element_line(colour = "black"))+
labs(y="Disease Severity (%)")

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