Help with Error: Unknown or uninitialised column

I am trying to use a "match" function and I keep getting the same error "Unknown or uninitialised column". I am not sure what is happening or why I keep getting this error. I have tried some setting changing (as suggested by the other online help forums) and nothing has helped.

Practice_performance_measures <- read_csv("~/Practice_performance_measures.csv", 
                                          +     na = "NA")
Practice_EM <- read_csv("~/Practice_EM.csv", 
                        +     na = "NA")

diagnostics supress =Practice_performance_measures$AveragePerf
AveragePerf <- Practice_performance_measures$`Average Perf`
Average <- Practice_performance_measures$`Average Perf`
Practice_EM$Peformance <- Practice_performance_measures$Average[match(Practice_EM$Participant, Practice_performance_measures$Participant)]

Which line of code does the error appear?

Also, what are the dimensions and column names of the two data sets?

It is this line of code:
Practice_EM$Peformance <- Practice_performance_measures$Average[match(Practice_EM$Participant, Practice_performance_measures$Participant)]

Warning message:
Unknown or uninitialised column: 'Average'.

I have attached a photo of one data set (Practice_Performance_measures), the other is FAR to large (hundreds of columns and thousands of rows) to begin to lay all of that out for you.

Warning message:
Unknown or uninitialised column: 'Average'.

This means that the column Average doesn't exist in Practice_performance_measures, which based on the screenshot, there is no column called Average. Just change to the column needed.

Also, in general, it is best to not have spaces in column names. I use an underscore instead of spaces

I have renamed that column the code above already:

AveragePerf <- Practice_performance_measures$Average Perf
Average <- Practice_performance_measures$Average Perf

I typically do not have spaces either and would use the underscores as well. In this, I did makeshift names since I am working with a smaller subset of the overall dataframe.

Those two lines do not rename the columns, but create vectors called AveragePerf and Average. To check, look at names(Practice_performance_measures) after that line and the names will not have changed. Also if using RStudio, in the environment a vector called Average will appear. To rename the columns of the data set, I typically use the tidyverse such as:

Practice_performance_measures <- Practice_performance_measures %>% 
  rename(Average = `Average Perf`)

without the tidyverse you could do something like this:

names(Practice_performance_measures)[which(names(Practice_performance_measures)=="Average Perf")] <- c("Average")

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