Help with converting quarterly tsibble to monthly tsibble


I have quarterly data and would like to convert it to monthly data where each month of the quarter is not same such as not using mean per quarter. In other words, hoping to see monthly data with some seasonality. Is there a way to get such data? Thanks for your help!

# Sample data
df <- data.frame(
  stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
       check.names = FALSE,
                 date = c("2019-01-01",
            `brand A` = c(21999,28022,30464,
            `brand B` = c(2211.94,2259.38,2243.29,
            `brand C` = c(191125,191125,189738,

df  <-  df%>%
      mutate(date = ymd(date)) %>% 
       as_tsibble(index = date)

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