Help with combining leaflet and ggplot maps?

Hello, I'm relatively new to this, so forgive me if there's a simple answer I'm not seeing. My state recently legalized medical marijuana, but has strict rules on where dispensaries can set up. I imported shape files for where they can set up in Oklahoma City based on zoning, and I have a separate file of excluded areas (they can't be within 1,000 feet of a school, church, or playground). Both maps work when I plot them alone, but I can't get them to work together when I try to layer them. Any ideas?

Code for the zoning areas map:

zoning_shapes <- "Primary_Zoning.shp"
zoning <- st_read(zoning_shapes)
zoning_1 <- filter(zoning, P_ZONE!="R-1")
zoning_2 <- filter(zoning_1, P_ZONE!="SPUD")
zoning_3 <- filter(zoning_2, P_ZONE!="AA")
zoning_4 <- filter(zoning_3, P_ZONE!="R-2")
zoning_5 <- filter(zoning_4, P_ZONE!="R-4")
zoning_6 <- filter(zoning_5, P_ZONE!="PUD")
zoning_7 <- filter(zoning_6, P_ZONE!="I-3")
zoning_8 <- filter(zoning_7, P_ZONE!="R-A")
zoning_9 <- filter(zoning_8, P_ZONE!="O-1")
zoning_10 <- filter(zoning_9, P_ZONE!="R-3")
zoning_11 <- filter(zoning_10, P_ZONE!="R-A2")
zoning_12 <- filter(zoning_11, P_ZONE!="R-1ZL")
zoning_13 <- filter(zoning_12, P_ZONE!="R-3M")
zoning_14 <- filter(zoning_13, P_ZONE!="R-4M")
zoning_15 <- filter(zoning_14, P_ZONE!="R-MH-1")
zoning_16 <- filter(zoning_15, P_ZONE!="R-MH-2")
zoning_17 <- filter(zoning_16, P_ZONE!="C-HC")
zoning_18 <- filter(zoning_17, P_ZONE!="HP")
zoning_19 <- filter(zoning_18, P_ZONE!="NC")
zoning_20 <- filter(zoning_19, P_ZONE!="AE-1")
zoning_21 <- filter(zoning_20, P_ZONE!="AE-2")
ggplot(zoning_21) + geom_sf() +
  theme_void() +
  theme(panel.grid.major = 
          element_line(colour = 'transparent'))

Code for the excluded areas:

locations <- read_csv("Marijuana_map_CSV.csv")
mew <- colorFactor(c("red", "blue", "purple"), domain=c("School", "Church", "Playground"))
okc_locations <- leaflet(locations) %>%
  addTiles() %>%
  setView(-97.5164, 35.4676, zoom = 7) %>% 
  addCircles(~Longitude, ~Latitude, popup=locations$Name, 
             weight = 3, radius=304.8, 
             color=~mew(locations$Type), stroke = T, 
             fillOpacity = 0.8)

I tried adding the zoning data as polygons in leaflet, but it doesn't show up. I also tried adding the excluded areas in ggplot, but I get one red dot very far from the zoning shapes, and nothing else. If anybody has ideas on how to fix it, I'd be quite grateful.