Help with Cati R package, Function Tstat( )

When I try to plot the Tstat ( ) results, as plot( Tstats(...)), the function does not work, returning a warning message about the dimensions, but I do not understand how to solve it.

The warning message:

""Error in obs - apply(nullmodel, cond, function(x) mean(x, na.rm = T)) :
arrays de dimensão não compatível
Além disso: Warning messages:
1: In plot.listofindex(as.listofindex(x, namesindex = c("T_IP.IC", :
colnames of index.list[[1]] is empty so names of traits cannot be plot
2: In ses(obs = index.list[[i]], nullmodel = index.list[[i + 1]], val.quant = val.quant) :
Observed matrix have the same number of rows and columns. The function is not able to detect automatically the correspondance between dimension of observed matrix and null model. You need to be sure that the null model is in the form of an array within the first and second dimension corresespond respectively to the first and second dimension of the observed matrix and the third dimension correspond to permutations".

Thank you for the support.

I think we need a bib mre to work with. See here for some suggestions

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