help with Box plots. colors and changing type

I used this data("ChickWeight") and got this. 1,2,3,4 are diets.

It was auto generated, how do i add color?
how would i plot a scatter or line chart with same data.
how would i plot just one dirt type?

To answer your direct questions:
Adding a fill color to the box plot

boxplot(weight ~ Diet, data = ChickWeight, col = "skyblue")

Plotting weight vs. Time as a scatter plot

plot(weight ~ Time, data = ChickWeight, type = "p")

Plotting a single Diet

Diet1 <- ChickWeight[ChickWeight$Diet == 1,]
plot(weight ~ Time, data = Diet1, type = "p")

Are you limited to using the basic R plotting functions like boxplot() and plot() or can you use other tools like the ggplot2 and dplyr packages? If you can use other tools, I recommend this book

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I am starting to learn code. I would like the basics first. but i do have ggplot3 and dplr

install.packages('ggplot2') # for install

library(ggplot2) # for load

data(diamonds) # ggplot2 has this data for test.

ggplot(diamonds, aes(x = clarity, y = price)) +
  geom_boxplot() +
  labs(x = "Clarity", y = "Price") +
  ggtitle("Box Diagram - Diamond Prices by Clarity")

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