Help with blogdown new post TOML instead of YAML- specific to Cocoa Enhanced theme?

I'm attempting to use the Cocoa Enhanced Hugo theme. I have updated blogdown from GitHub (blogdown_0.6.3), updated Hugo locally to version 0.41, and installed the theme recently. When I try to use the new post add-in (you have to change the subdirectory to blog for this theme, or create a new post folder) to create a new R Markdown (.Rmd) post, I get a TOML header instead of YAML (see below). I haven't had this issue with other themes- the archetype for this theme looks like that of other themes, so I can't figure out if I'm having a blogdown issue or a Hugo theme issue. Has anyone seen a similar issue? Or would any kind souls attempt to replicate on their own machine?

While I have no insight to add :stuck_out_tongue:, I can reproduce it when trying to make a .Rmd post with the Cocoa Enhanced theme. I'm one Hugo version behind (0.40.3) and using the CRAN version of blogdown (0.6).

Thank you that helps!

I just fixed the issue and you should be good to go with devtools::install_github('rstudio/blogdown') (and restart R).

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