Help with bar graph in ggplot

Hi, and welcome!

Please see the FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one? Using a reprex, complete with representative data will attract quicker and more answers.

Although it's not in the preferred reprex format which is best for cut and past, the code is fine except for one major shortcoming -- the data object, df.

Because this is a relatively short and simple data set, rather than a screenshot, which is seldom useful, what would be helpful is to


and copy/paste after entering

df <- [paste here]

A shortcut direct to clipboard is

#> Loading required package: clipr
#> Welcome to clipr. See ?write_clip for advisories on writing to the clipboard in R.
#> Loading required package: magrittr
#> Loading required package: stringr

specimen <- function(x)
  deparse(x) %>%
  str_c(collapse = '') %>%
  str_replace_all('\\s+', ' ') %>%
  str_replace_all('\\s*([^,\\()]+ =) (c\\()', '\n  \\1\n    \\2')  %>%
  str_replace_all('(,) (class =)', '\\1\n  \\2') %>%
  write_clip(allow_non_interactive = TRUE)


A few suggestions for redoing this

library(ggplot2) # should go first
df <- [paste]
colnames(df) <- c("modality","First_response","Second_response","Third_response","Fourth_response,"Sixth_response")
ggplot(df, aes(x = modality) # df is already a data frame