Help with Argument Matching Multiple Formal Arguments

Looking to use the regsubsets function but I keep getting this error message:
Error in regsubsets.formula(SalePrice ~ OverallQual + OverallCond + Years_Since_Remodel + :
argument 3 matches multiple formal arguments

#Trying subset method

subset <- regsubsets(SalePrice ~ OverallQual + OverallCond + Years_Since_Remodel + GrLivArea + FullBath +
             Bedrooms + Total_Rooms + GarageArea + CentralAirI,  method="exhaustive" ,
          n = nrow(ST625_For_R)
,p= as.numeric(substr(rownames(summary(subset)$outmat) ,1,1)) +1
,table <- cbind(summary(subset)$outmat),
round(summary(subset)$rsq, 8),
round(summary(subset)$adjr2, 8),
round(n*log(summary(subset)$rss) - n*log(n)+ 2*p,8),
round(n*log(summary(subset)$rss) - n*log(n) + log(n) *p,7))
colnames(table) = c(paste("x", 1:9, sep=""), "R2","R2-adj","MSE","AIC","BIC")

Please help, thank you! I've tried eliminating the variables one by one to see whats causing the problem but the error is still there.

The code is a little hard to follow but based on the documentation for that function, there is no argument n. There are three arguments that start with n: nbest, nvmax, and nested. Since R uses partial arg matching, your third argument to the function n matches multiple actual arguments and it doesn't know how to solve this ambiguity.

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