Help with a small project

Hello everyone, i have a small project due.

I have to do some basic calculations and plots and since I'm not the best with R Studio, I wanted to ask if someone could maybe help me a little? You can also message me directly, and then I could quickly explain what I have to do.


Hi, perhaps you could just provide an example of what you want and what you have done here. You might be more likely to get a response if you provide some additional information.

For the project I got this as my task. And I was wondering if someone could maybe help me with point 3) & 4).

  1. Import and preparation of your data.

  2. Descriptive summary statistics for at least 2 variables. Summary statistics should include at least mean, standard deviation and median for numerical and frequency tables for categorical variables. Summary statistics should be presented aggregated and separately for different groups (e.g., control vs. treatment). Summary statistics have to be reported in the text (only bullet points or tables are not sufficient).

  3. 2 plots showing the distribution of a variable (e.g., histogram or barplot) and at least 1 plot showing the connection between two variables (e.g., scatterplot) including a regression line when possible. Draw confidence intervals where possible. Use customized headings, axes labels, colors and legends.

  4. Calculate inferential statistics (at least 2 appropriate group comparison tests
    and 1 appropriate generalized linear model including at least 1 interaction).

Hi, welcome!

Please have a look to our homework policy, homework inspired questions are welcome but they should not include verbatim instructions from your course.

You really need to read up and play-around a bit with R

Have a look at and, perhaps, for some basics. We may be able to help on specific things that are causing problems.

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