Help with a Panel Error

Hi Everyone.
I am running a panel regression and keep getting the following error whenever I try to run a fixed effects estimator:

Error in class(x) <- setdiff(class(x), "pseries") : invalid to set the class to matrix unless the dimension attribute is of length 2 (was 0).

The pooling, firstdiff and between works fine. Just wondering what I could do to correct this one.

Sorry forgot to put in the panel r script:


# Set data as panel data
pdata <-, indexes = c("id","t"))

#Descriptive Statistics
# pooled OLS estimator 
pooling<- plm(Y ~ X, data = pdata, model = "pooling")

# between estimator
between <- plm(Y ~ X, data = pdata, model = "between")

#First differences estimator 
firstdiff <- plm(Y ~ X, data = pdata, model = "fd")

# Fixed effects or within estimator
fixed <- plm(gdpg ~ iq,rpi,gcg,gfc,se,anet,rec,fi,gdp, data =Regression_DATA_Final_, model = "within",index = c("id","t"))

often errors are caused by mismatch between data used and the code.
We can't run your code and examine it without the data (or a small example sample of your data).
Can you think about reducing your input data by sampling, and then sharing the result by using the dput() function to get a copy and pasteable representation ?
(sometimes factors with many levels can be an issue, but otherwise this tends to work well)

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