[Help] Why is there RCn instead of PCn in my PCA result diagram

Hello all,

I have done Principal Component Analysis with my data and also exported diagrams with the result of the analysis through the code below.

value_TV_2_or_more <- principal(TV_2_or_more, rotate="none")
plot(value_TV_2_or_more$values, type="b", main = "pca_TV_2_or_more")
pca_TV_2_or_more <- principal(TV_2_or_more, nfactors = 11 , rotate="varimax")
fa.diagram(pca_TV_2_or_more, main = "pca_TV_2_or_more")

and I got a diagram like below

I wonder why each of the components are named like RC1, RC2 and so on instead of PC1, PC2 and so on.
What makes the difference between them named RCn and PCn?
also wonder what does RC means.

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