HELP Where did my project go?

Hello all,

I need some help, and I am a novice at best.

I was working with RStudio Cloud and I moved my web browser from one screen to the other and now my entire project is MIA. It is like the entire project disappeared and R reset itself. I need help!

I can open it without an issue:

Try reloading maybe?


Can you describe what exactly what is missing? Please let me know the names of the files that are missing. Also, can you tell me when was the last time you worked on the project where it had the correct files.


Hello and thank you for helping.

Please bare with me I am a complete novice to coding.

I was working in rstudio cloud earlier today in the script file. I moved the web browser from one computer to the other, when that occurred the window froze and then reappeared with the default color scheme and window layout. At that point I lost the entire script file that I had been working on. I can get the project to open, but none of my recent work is available.

At this time - I am hoping to find a way to get access to a previous version of the file/project

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