Help! What R analysis should I use?

I am currently conducting a study to investigate the presence & type of microplastics in Fiddler crabs from different mangrove habitats (natural, restored, & degraded). My objectives are to

  1. determine and compare the abundance and diversity of Fiddler Crab within different mangrove habitat types
  2. investigate the presence of micro-plastics in Fiddler crabs from different mangrove habitats
  3. compare the type and presence of micro-plastics
  4. classify micro-plastic particles according to size
    Can someone please guide me through what R-studio analysis I should run? I am not very strong in R and I am very worried about what I should do.

If you're wanting to compare a variable between group, ANOVA is what you want. I found this website quite useful.

If possible you should consult with a local statistician or subject matter expert if your institution has one handy.

This is not really an R/RStudio question, it is a stats/research methodology question.

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