<Help> Unable to restore Source Scripts only when using RProj

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a unique challenge, and would like to seek your help.


  • I've been using Microsoft R 3.4.4 + RStudio IDE (1.1.456) on a Windows 8 machine.
  • I recently changed to a Windows 10 machine, running the exact same setup as above.

Challenge (on Windows 10 machine):

  • My source scripts do not automatically restore themselves in the Source pane whenever I re-open RStudio via my Rproj file.
  • Interestingly, my source scripts automatically restores whenever I re-open RStudio (without an RProj loaded).

"Restore previously open source documents at startup" is ticked in RStudio's Global Settings 24/7.

Is anyone facing a similar challenge / has a fix?

Much appreciated,