HELP - Screening variables

Hello, I'm doing a school work on the variables of a chemical factory.
I have 7 input variables and 1 output variable.
I already did a regression and analyse the data, did a stepwise regression and also analyse the data, and now I have to chose 3 variables and make a plan on how to evaluate them in therms of screening...
Are there any commands specifically for screening variables?
All help is needed,
Thank you

This is a statistics question that is asking what to do with the results of your stepwise regression. Can you come up with a better model using three variables rather than all seven? How to answer depends on the course level. If this is beginner course, the course materials might suggest that selection can be made on the basis of p-values. On the other hand, intermediate courses might guide toward the AIC or BIC criteria while advanced courses might be quite nuanced.

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