help running aan estimate profiles in tidyLPA

hi, im very interested in data analisys and specifically LPA,
I have been trying to run an estimateprofiles to start running an LPA but am running into error messages, i have so far created a dataframe using just the stats i want to run the LPA on (LPAdata) in the example, but i keep getting an error with the 'select' line?
the data consists of integers (1-5) with some N/A cells.
I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of where i can go next, thank in advance for any help

m3 <- LPAdata %>%

  • na.omit(LPAdata)%>%
  • select(campimp, coopimp, pvpimp, pvpteamimp, modimp) %>%
  • single_imputation() %>%
  • estimate_profiles(1:6, variances = 'equal', covariances = 'none')
    Error in select():
    ! Must subset columns with a valid subscript vector.
    x Subscript has the wrong type tbl_df<campaignimport:double>.
    i It must be numeric or character.

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