help reading a table with rvest


I'm trying to build a script that can quickly scrape the game stats from custom games I've played with my friends in Destiny 2. We're finding it fun to keep our own personal game history and stats for bragging rights (e.g., who has the highest KD, who beats who most often, etc.). I can't get the tables on bnet to read in, though. The URL to a game is here:

If I check in Firefox's web developer tools, it looks like this table is called "class=.Pgcr_statTable__1fKvr table"

I've tried the following code, but can't read it in: url=read_html("") |> html_nodes(".Pgcr_statTable__1fKvr table")

Any suggestions?


It's not an rvest-friendly site. When looking at the network tab in the Firefox-dev tool it seems that the table comes in from another address.
game report link
Seems json-format, but I myself was not able to get it. I am unfortunately not very familiar with all different webpage accessing and data extracting.
Anyway, hopefully this helps to find direction where to look or someone might know how to retrieve the data.


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