Help on creating a filled contour graph

Hi! I'm relatively new to r, or rather I simply have experience with simple data analysis(plugging in numbers and data into codes, etc). I've recently come across graphs that look like so (, and would love to learn how to do something like this. I've been reading through a bunch of blog posts and have learned that this can be done with the ggplot2 package which I have downloaded.

With that said, I am looking to generate a graph that displays temperature per depth (m) over a period of time, all of which I have the data for. For example, we have an array that reads temperature daily from a lake at certain depths (3-18m) every few minutes. I'm looking to turn this into a visual graph that can easily show the change in temperature over time.

Thank you for any help that is given in advance.

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That should be possible. I presume a geom_area or geom_col or geom_tile layer would work, depending on the shape of the data. If T is time, depth is M, and temp is C, it might look like:


ggplot(YOUR_DATA, aes(x = T, y = M, fill = C)) +
  geom_tile() +
  scale_y_reverse()  # Since high depth should be at the bottom, presumably.

If your data is sparse and you’re looking for interpolation, you might look here. The 2nd to last example looks similar to your situation.