Help! No history or temp files created in last 2 days

My POS macbook pro 2016 did a full lock up this morning. When I restarted and loaded my project, none of the unsaved work I had done yesterday showed up (as it usually does - but yes, my bad for not saving - I thought I had). Normally RStudio reopens in the last state, including files with unsaved changes and files that were never even saved at all ("Untitled 1", etc). But there was nothing. On top of that, none of the code I had executed is in my history.

I've looked in ~/.rstudio-desktop using grep for code I know I wrote. I don't even see any files that were modified in the last 2 days in the sdb or sources folder. I've checked other projects.

Can anyone help? What am I missing? It's my birthday tomorrow and I'd prefer not to spend the day redoing this work!

I'm running RStudio 1.1.423 and OSX Sierra (10.12.6)

The contents of files opened for a particular project are typically placed in the .Rproj.user folder, e.g. at:


where <userId> is a unique user-specific ID (just in case multiple users are attempting to work with the same project).

You might try searching for files within that location as well. In particular, file contents are now saved in files of the form:


so you might try searching through files with the -contents suffix.