Help needed with JSON within RStudio

Hey guys,

Currently working on a school project which requires me to organise 280 projects of JSON code and put it in a locally well-structured format. Because 280 projects are quite big, I decided to take small part of the data (2 projects) and see if all goes well. When loading the data, RStudio gives me an error message saying there are arguments implying different number of rows: 1, 0. I fixed this by replacing two data types NULL to "".
Now I am able to create a data framework with columns. However, the columns are all next to each other, instead of that RStudio starts a new row for each project. Because I need to do this for the other 278 projects, I would like to know what I need to enter in the code to tell RStudio that it needs to start with a new row for each project. I tried to search on the internet for answers, but so far not being able to. Could somebody please help me out?

I uploaded the data into my Google Drive account. I would appreciate it if somebody could take a look at it.

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Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 20.49.06

Project X850849 is the first project
Project X469342 is the second project

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