Help merging various netCDF files

Hello everyone. I have various netCDF files with four atributes, the dimensions of two of these atributes are 3612015031 or 3612015030 depending on the file, which represent 50 measurements of one variable (wind in the X or Y direction), 30 or 31 are the days of the month, 361 and 201 are the latitude and the longitude.

I want to take two or more of these e.g. the ones from august, september and october and merge them into a netCDF file with atributes whose dimensions are 36120150*92, meaning that I want the 31 days of august, the 30 days of september and the 31 days of october to be one after the other in this new file.

Is this possible?
Can someone please tell me how I can do this?

Thanks. Any answer is appreciated.
Jaime de la Mota.

It's not at all obvious how to merge ncvar objects from the documentation. I suggest asking the author at his email given on the ncdf4 CRAN page if that's the package you're using.

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Thanks for the answer. I will try it.


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