Help me choose a rmarkdown presentation

Which of the Presentation template have following feature.

1> Multi-column and multi-row layout (May be bootstrap layout)
2> Allow us to add Flexdashboard.
3> easy integration of plotly and dygraph ( I found Rpres doesn't support them)

just these 3 feature can help me write a good presentation.

Please do reply

Flexdashboard itself is a presentation layer, with multi row and column layouts and integrates with plotly and dygraph. It is largely markdown like, with only a few modifications to represent the page hierarchies.

@DaveRGP I was not able to insert Flexdashboard with any of the presentation. But I still want to know which of the Presentation does these 3 things equally and will have a good maintainence. like slidify has not been updated since past 3 years.

if you know how to insert Flexdashboard in any of the presentation please let me know. or mention any blog which does it.

I think the xaringan package is going to be your best bet. I have not tested it against all of your requirements, but it generally handles html widgets well (I've used it for leaflet maps) and has a flexible layout. For me, it's completely replaced all other presentation formats and not having to go from R to powerpoint anymore has been amazing.

Here's the package author's intro:


Its there a way i can insert flexdashboard into a presentation. Or can i create multiple columns and rows in xaringen

xaringan can handle putting html into the slides. While I have not tried something as complicated as a flexdashboard, knitting it to html and then putting the html into the presentation may work.

Alternatively, multiple columns can be created with .pull-left[] and .pull-right[]. I don't think there's a way to auto-align rows, but text and pictures naturally show up from top to bottom when the document is knit, and could be manually aligned into rows. The starting template when creating a new xaringan presentation is quite helpful in terms of the markdown syntax needed to create various effects.

Depending on what you need in the presentation surrounding the flexdashboard, the storyboard pages feature within flexdashboard ( seems like it might be the easiest option (although I have not personally used this, but it does seem meant for adding a few presentation elements to complement the dashboard).


Seems like everybody love xaringen here. Me being a naruto fan don't mind that either but somehow when I run it with infinite moon reader. this is what it gives me. I have to run in on chrome I just can't view it inside R studio

I get this screen anyway even When I knit this document. Is there something that I am not doing right

That is the screen you get if your computer can't find the remark.js library that it needs to produce the slides. By default xaringan looks for the remark.js library online and it looks like you're not connected to the internet. If you normally work not connected, next time you are online you can download remark.js using xaringan::summon_remark(). (see slide 29 here: and then change your output options to include a path to the remark.js library. It's the chakra option, so it should look something like this:

    chakra: libs/remark-latest.min.js
    lib_dir: libs
      highlightStyle: github
      highlightLines: true
      countIncrementalSlides: false

@natekratzer I tried what you wrote and didn't work.

I posted this issue directly with xaringan and this is what I get

I think it doesn't work with windows there is something wrong with OS.

Can you please tell me how to use plotly and other JS graphs in Rpresentation. I would like to use it. I think markdown has it's own ups and downs.

My knowledge of Rpresentation is limited - I used it once or twice for simple things, but before xaringan I usually wound up in powerpoint for presentations. I recall the RStudio overview being good (as pretty much all of theirs are):

Sorry I can't be of more help than to point you at a resource I recall being good, but it's not a tool I use anymore. Hopefully someone else on the forum can help out with any Rpresentation troubleshooting. There was another thread on presentations a few weeks ago that might be helpful: R Presentations


I've not inserted flex dashboard INTO a presentation. As far as I know, Flexdashboard IS a presentation method.

You don't insert it into an existing presentation or markdown, but you write your .Rmd in a suitable way to be compiled as a FlexDashboard.

To further clarify, FlexDashboard is also not strictly "presentation" format like PowerPoint/Slidify. It's a dashboarding tool. So the output maynot be so suitable for your needs.

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