Help making a new script without variables

I need a little help please.. how can I write a R script (R studio) when I do not have the variable, just the mean and the standard deviation from the population? Thank you so much for the attention.

What do want to do with these two values?
Assume they are resp. 3.14 and 1.4

mean = 3.14
sd   = 1.4

Do you want to draw random numbers from a normal distribution with these values as parameters?
Or .... ?

No... for example, a have a population A with mean of 4.8 , sd= 1.8 and number of 16 men. Population B with mean of 5.6, sd= 1.2 and number of 25 women. A want to perform t student Welch... see if mean A # mean B (different)- that is the H1(alternative hypothesis). How to I write population A in R studio to calculate t student? A< - c (n=16, mean=4.8, sd= 1.8) is not working...this R script is wrong... can you help me please? Thank you

The intent of this exercise seems to be that you calculate the the t statistic and degrees of freedom by hand. The t statistic depends on the sample means, the sample variances, and the number of samples. The degrees of freedom depend on the variances and the number of samples. You can find the equations in, for example, the Wikipedia article on the Student's t-test. If you have a text book, it probably in there.

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