Help installing Package e1071- taking my first class utilizing Rstudio

My instructor posted:
R users will have to install the package for e1071. It is an extremely popular statistics package that almost everyone uses. Here's how to install it

  1. Open RStudio
  2. In the lower right window, select the Packages tab
  3. In the Packages box, start typing e1071. You probably don't need any more tha "e1"
  4. Click the Install button

I have a Mac and downloaded Rstudio for Mac. When I go to the "packages" tab/box, in the bottom right there is no e1071. I only see the following packages, "base, boot, class, cluster, code tools, compiler, datasets, foreign, graphics, grDevices, grid, KernSmooth, lattice, MASS, Matrix, methods, mgcv, name, net, parallel, apart, spatial, splines, stats, stats4, survival, tcltk, tools, utils."

Hopefully someone will know how to help me install E1071, or do I need to do something different with a Mac to install?

Thank you in advance!

In the lower left of the screen, there is a tab “Console.” Click in and type


If you are prompted to install a later version from source, select 'n' (source compilation under macOS often fails and the latest version is usually not crucial).

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