Help in K-means clustering application in Location with type of Road Accidents (Research)

Hi I'm a student from a University and currently have a research regarding K-means Clustering. Due to online classes, I really had a hard time learning this concept and applying it in R studio/language. If anyone can help I don't know how to start the coding process and apply it on my data set. Here is the sample picture of my Data Set. Thank you in advance

I recommend you go through several tutorials.
Here are a few to get started.
k means clustering in r - Google Search

By all means, come back to the community for specific support, when you try something and get stuck, then you can tell us what you tried and how you got stuck, we are less inclined to do your work for you, but happy to assist you when you need assistance. As you are asking for a complete lesson, the forum is not the best source, I advise you to go look for lessons.

Hi @shom , check this link for help you:

Thank you! I will check this out!

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