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Good evening ! I have a problem with my Chorolayer code for mapping. Can you help me ? I have to make a map on the number of Covid patients by department (in France). "Malades" means "sick", is that my var? Also, after st_geometry I have to put my right_join file which links the quantitative and geographical data?
What should I put in “x=…. »?

Thank’s !


plot(st_geometry(COVID_11_11_2020), border = « black », lwd = 0.5)

choroLayer( x = …. , var = ’’malades’’, nclass = 10, border = NA, col = cartopal(pal1 = ’’sand.pal’’, n = 10 ), legend.pos = ’’left’’, legend.title.txt = ’’Nombre de cas Covid en France au 11/11/2020’’, add = TRUE )

A reprex is the preferred way to explain difficulties.) See the FAQ.. Screenshots are seldom helpful.

Fortunately, I was able to enlarge this one enough to spot the problem. Add this to the script


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