Help!! I cant access github from R/Rstudio on my newly installed windows 10 PC

I cant seem to access github to install packages via R, please help



Downloading GitHub repo OHDSI/CohortMethod@HEAD
Error in utils::download.file(url, path, method = method, quiet = quiet, :
cannot open URL ''

are you behind any firewall, personal / academic / corporate, that could be to blame ...
After considering that, I would investigate the download method.

getOption("download.file.method", default = "auto")

On my windows laptop this is "libcurl", and it would perform the download you require.

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Thanks for the reply, its my PC, got it yesterday but not in anyway an expert,

Tried your 2nd suggestion and got getOption("download.file.method", default = "auto")
[1] "libcurl"

Please any advice on how I would I go about disabling the firewall feature to be sure?

Can you access the link via your web browser?

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Thank you, for some reason it works now.

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