Help for an R studio

I got below project for an ongoing course and facing some difficulties to solve it.

Simply I'm trying to create different types of graphs based on a give excel sheet. When I run the code I

the error shown in the photo. Any help on how it can be resolved?

Below is the code I developed

# Changing format
Data1$Date <- as.Date(Data1$Date)
Data1$Department <- as.factor(Data1$Department)
Data1$Category <- as.factor(Data1$Category)
Data1$CustomerCode <- as.character(Data1$CustomerCode)
Data1$Price <- as.factor(Data1$Price)
Data1$Quantity <- as.factor(Data1$Quantity)

# Summary statistics of a column in R

#count of NA values in each column

#Display a bar chart for Category column.
ggplot(Data1, aes(x = Category))

#Display the Departments and their revenue using a bar chart

#Create a histogram and box and whisker plot of the Price and Quantity columns
hist(Data1$Price, prob = TRUE, col = "white",main = "")
boxplot(Data1$Price, horizontal = TRUE, axes = FALSE, col = rgb(0, 0.8, 1, alpha = 0.5))
hist(Data1$Quantity, prob = TRUE, col = "white",main = "")
boxplot(Data1$Quantity, horizontal = TRUE, axes = FALSE, col = rgb(0, 0.8, 1, alpha = 0.5))

Hi, welcome!

Please have a look to our homework policy, homework inspired questions are welcome but they should not include verbatim instructions from your course.

The Homework Policy mentions a reproducible example. It is well worth reading it very carefully. It is often impossible to help someone without the information asked for there.

Many thanks for the clarification, I updated the post accordingly

Why does your script of code manipulate Data1 and then report some facts about an df before attempting to plot with Data1 ; is df at all relevant ? Not sure if its a case of you not cleaning up your code; or if its a sign of confusion about how your code works. On its face your error seems impossible as its a claim that Data1$Date is both zero length and length 34433; I struggle to see how I could make my R session believe this about any variable of mine... the closest I can get is if I clearly mistype the variable on the right , so the non-existant column is zero length; but yours doesnt appear to be mistyped.

Its hard to fix any bug that can not be reproduced, to read about reproducing bugs; please read:

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