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I'm new here and also only recently started working with R because of my university class (Master Psychology). I'm having problems finding data, currently, we have only been doing exercises with stata data (e.g. from Wooldridge data sets).
I was just told "look for sets for your essay" (we can choose our own topics9. Tests we have to do are for example multiple regression, logit and probit, etc.

He named websites like open icpsr, soep (Germany) or "just look in journals". I have no idea how to get data sets from journals, to be honest. The other websites have confusing too, somehow I can't find any data like the ones we've been using.
Generally, topics I have looked into have been: discrimination, video games, LGBT, ADHD, etc just to name a few, I don't have decided on a specific topic yet.

If anyone could help me with where I can find data sets, how to get access or maybe can help me with how to use open icpsr or find data in journals, I would be VERY VERY grateful. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious, but I have been struggling for days and can't reach my professor either.

Thank you very much and sorry for the long explanation :sweat_smile:

Hi, can't you just go to ICPSR or one of the other sites? Why do they have to be Stata datasets?

For example:

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I suggest you also look at Kaggle, a great online resource with hundreds of dataset across many fields, including psychology.

Good luck with the project,


Hi, for some reason the link from my professor send me to "open ICPSR" which didn't work at all, but with yours, I can accesses finally datasets, so thank you so much you helped a lot!! Maybe my professor send us something wrong.

And it doesn't have to be Stata, it is just the only one we have worked so far as examples, so I would just know how to handle them best. But if I find something interesting, of course I'd take others as well.

Thank you for helping, even tho it was probably such an easy question :sweat_smile:

I will look into that! and thank you :slight_smile:

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This is useful too:

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