Help Diagnosing R Session Aborted

I Recently uninstalled R and Rstudio and reinstalled with the latest version.
now using RODBC inside R studio causes my R session to ABORT.

it just takes these two lines:
conn <- odbcConnect("mydsn", uid = "mypassword", believeNRows = FALSE, rows_at_time = 1)

The weird thing is all my scripts work fine in a plain R Session and i can use RODBC fine. The abort message doesn't give any kind of description of the problem. I tried to use the ODBC inside Rstudio but when i test the connection it Aborts. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times and even deleted my local llb folder. I have cleared object from my work-space and restarted my session.

How would i even begin to diagnose whats is going on?



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