help about the function of semi-colon!

Hello! I'm a new learner of R, and I have a question about a piece of code I was learning about:

>X<-data.frame("var1"=sample(1:5), "var2"=sample(6:10), "var3"=sample(11:15))
> X<-X[sample(1:5),]; X$var2[C(1:3)]= NA

what would be the function of the semi-colon next to X[sample(1:5),]?

Thanks for your answers in advance!


If you have two valid R expressions, say expr1 and expr2, then these two are equivalent:



expr1; expr2

So, basically it acts as a line separator so that R evaluates two expressions one after another. It itself adds not much value.

If I may suggest, don't use it.


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